Morningstar Homes fully delivered on our vision, budget and timeline. Kevin's calm and creative approach led us toward solutions for all of our "unusual client" requests, like floating walls and Japanese, charred cedar siding.  His team consistently embraced the Morningstar Homes culture, creating a highly productive, successful and enjoyable construction experience. Kevin is a clear communicator and a pleasure to work with.

— Barb Chambers

 On time, on budget, and some of the nicest people I could imagine working with.  Kevin built a net zero home for us in Boulder that is an art piece.  I would work with him again in a heartbeat, and recommend him highly to anyone who needs excellent and reliable work!

— Paul Budnitz

I found Kevin a pleasure to work with.  He responded quickly each day to changes and requests on the remodel. He and his crew are polite, responsive and very talented in getting the job done on time and within budget.

— Becca O'Conner


I first contracted Kevin several years ago for the construction of a 5,000 SF custom home on Jefferson St in Old North Boulder.  I quickly learned that Kevin brought several characteristics to the table not often seen in this type of work. Not only was the quality of work excellent, but his ability to clearly communicate and problem solve were also notable. Throughout the process I was always taken by his availability and willingness to troubleshoot. Since then, I have leaned on Kevin for both my personal construction needs and those of my clientele, revering him as one of Boulder’s very few premier builders. I highly recommend the professional services of Morningstar Homes to anyone contemplating new construction or re-development and feel confident that they will over deliver every time.

— Jay Hebb, Partner Remax Alliance on Walnut


We came across Morningstar Homes and Kevin Morningstar, our builder, by a lucky accident.  I was actually looking at a completed house to buy (that we didn't like at all) and walked out to see a house Kevin had just built across the street.  I was so taken with this newly built house, that I asked the owners, who were in the process of moving in, if we could see it.  That house (on 8th Street) was so beautiful and functional that we immediately began looking for a tear down house so that Kevin could build us a new house too.  We didn't even speak to any other builders because it was clear that Kevin's work and aesthetic were impeccable.  Kevin was involved in our house project from the beginning and came to look at several houses with us before we bought one.  He was extremely helpful in our decision about which house to buy.  I honestly couldn't imagine how the house we bought was going to be transformed into the house we wanted because it was a very different style (and it was so UGLY!!)  Kevin's strong knowledge about the foundation and potential of the house was spot on.  Throughout the building process, Kevin was very professional and available.  We held weekly walk throughs with Kevin and our architect, so we all remained on the same page. Kevin has a fine arts background so when weird problems arose (as always seem to do with a home project) Kevin's solutions were not just practical, but also elegant.  I really felt I could trust Kevin's aesthetic. Kevin continues to be available to us, even though we have been living in the house for nearly two years, whenever a question arises.  He once came over on a Saturday night because I could not figure out how to turn off the carbon monoxide alarm.  I really appreciate his continued care of our house and our family.  I would definitely use him again if I were to do another project.

— Jennifer Rhode

 We chose to work with Kevin Morningstar and Morningstar Homes because it was clear that he had our architect's trust, and also because of his easy and approachable communication style.  He always strived to understand our perspective, and discussed the costs and benefits of each decision along the way.  We live on a street that has experienced many remodels over the past 5 years, and a neighbor recently told me that Kevin and his crew were the "Gold Standard" for their respect of the neighborhood -- in terms of noise, cleanliness, etc.  Kevin was a strong advocate of ours for any sub-contractors that worked on the house - ensuring that the work met our expectations. We love our beautiful new home!!!

— Adam & Allison Heaney

Kevin is great to work with because he especially cares about hiring the best people and he brings a cooperative and can-do attitude to making sure everything is done right!

— Tommy Lorden


Kevin and his team are extraordinarily open minded and talented. Kevin is not afraid of untraditional construction details. He consistently mixes his past construction experience with new ideas to resolve construction issues throughout a project. Just knowing he and his crew are part of the team gives me a sense of confidence that the project will go smoothly, be built with superior quality, and will exceed my expectations.

— Renée del Gaudio, Architect

 Our project consisted of remodeling an historical landmarked home and adding 2300 square feet onto it at a LEEDs Platinum Certified level. Kevin Morningstar proved himself to be a rock steady contractor throughout the project. In fact, at the beginning of my appraisal of candidates for the job, Kevin Morningstar took the time to place stakes around the empty lot with me on his own time. He was patient and he was knowledgeable as he guided us through a very complex construction process.  He worked well within the stringent demands of the Historical Landmark committee as he oversaw a project that preserved the old structure while advancing the modern design of the remainder of the home. He introduced us to the perfect architect and then he brought in the best contractors for each phase. When you build a house over 15 months you get to know your contractor very well because you are in the trenches with him. Kevin was always unflappable, honest and a pleasure to be around.  For a meticulous job on the cusp of green building techniques, I highly recommend Kevin Morningstar of Morningstar homes.

— Bob & Jesse Carmichael